Financial life is not multiple-choice

Over the past century or so, literacy has expanded from something of an elite skill to a near-universal one. 86% of adults worldwide are now literate, according to the United Nations, with rates above 99% even in places like Kazakhstan and Tonga. But in the modern world literacy isn’t enough. More recent research has also… Read more »

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GuidedChoice: How Low Can You Go?

How Low Can You Go?

Last week, healthcare giant Anthem was hit with a massive lawsuit, charging that the company’s 401(k) plan charged excessive fees to employees who invest through the plan. The suit might as well have been directed at Vanguard Group, the firm that provides both administrative services and most of the plan’s funds, although they’re not officially named. So… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Epic Retirement Fail

Epic retirement fail

We’ve had a lot to say lately about Social Security, and we’ve had a lot of responses. The subject – from annual benefit (non)increases to obscure filing strategies – is top of mind for many Americans of a certain age. But younger people? Not so much. According to one recent survey, 43 percent of those… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Limited, Modest Performance - Guaranteed!

Limited, modest performance – guaranteed!

This week the Treasury Department announced the long-awaited national rollout of a new program designed to make retirement saving easier: the “MyRA.” Basically, it’s a government-run Roth IRA that’s dead simple, easy to set up, and has no cost or minimum to open. The most unique feature is a guarantee against loss: appreciation is linked… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Solving the CRISIS crisis

Solving the CRISIS crisis

Terrorists. Horrifying diseases. Climate change disasters. Political brinksmanship around the globe. Take a look through virtually any day’s headlines, and most of what you’ll see is one crisis after another. We seem to have a powerful appetite for dramatic bad news. A crisis, real or imagined, also provides some very useful benefits to those in… Read more »