Your money is always on their mind

Behind all of our recommendations are the brightest minds in modern investing. As members of our investment leadership, their job is to keep our proprietary model in tune with ideal tax, cost and risk management practices, and ensure that your portfolio continues to benefit from the latest research and market intelligence.

Harry Markowitz, PhD

Chief Architect, Investment Committee Leader and Co-Founder

A Nobel Laureate in economics, Harry is one of the greatest analytical minds in the financial and technology fields. His Modern Portfolio Theory is one of the pillars of finance and investing, and the backbone of our proprietary investment model, which has helped millions of people reach their retirement goals. In 1989, Harry was awarded the prestigious John von Neumann Prize for his contributions to portfolio theory, sparse matrix methods, and SIMSCRIPT. He was also named “Man of the Century” by Pensions & Investments magazine.

Ganlin Xu, PhD

Chief Investment Officer

With extensive expertise in product engineering and information technology, Ganlin leads our cross-discipline teams in the constant refinement of our financial methodology. Among his chief responsibilities is the development of quantitative investment models, one of which has been used worldwide as a money management system since 1991. The results of his work have been published in multiple professional journals.

Ming Wang

Chief Investment Officer Emeritus

Recognized for his exceptional ability to create and optimize intelligent portfolio systems, Ming was personally recruited to GuidedChoice by Dr. Harry Markowitz. In addition to serving on our Investment Committee, Ming manages the development of all investment strategies and software, and analyzes and manages our portfolio performance. He previously served in leadership and analytical roles at Investment Research Company (IRC) and TIAA-CREF Investment Management.

Thomas M. Anichini, CFA

Director of Research

Tom is responsible for our research, investment process and operational risk management. He also developed our firm’s return model and key algorithms that help our retiree customers maximize the potential of their investment income. Prior to joining GuidedChoice, Tom led the U.S. manager research team at Mercer, and was a partner at Freeman Investment Management.