Cutting the cable: financial advice in the digital age

Last time in this space we compared the complexities of IRA and 401(k) fees to the perennial mystery of your cable bill. While we think most people pay too much for what they’re getting (both on their screens and in their retirement accounts), there’s one area where paying an extra fee is well worth the… Read more »

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GuidedChoice: The secret mysteries of retirement investing and television

The secret mysteries of retirement investing and television

Why is retirement investing like managing your TV provider? It’s not because it’s so hard to find something you like among a zillion options. Well, actually that’s true too. But what we want to talk about is that massive, detailed monthly bill. You’ve probably dug into your cable or dish statement at some point and… Read more »

GuidedChoice: What are you playing for your "free" IRA?

What are you paying for your “free” IRA?

Do you know how much you’re paying for your IRA? Apparently, even the wealthy and financially savvy have trouble with this simple question. You’ve probably seen TV commercials for one of the big firms in which a father is talking with son or daughter about his financial advisor, while they stroll through Manhattan or jog… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Free and easy

Free and easy

There’s an old saying that free advice is worth what you pay for it. That’s especially true of investment advice, most of the time. Just think of that guy at work who’s always telling you about his ETFs, or any number of loudmouth financial celebrities on TV. Most rules have exceptions, however. One that we’d… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Who is your advisor really working for?

Who is your advisor really working for?

How can you know exactly when a company or professional is required to look after your needs above all else? That kind of responsibility is a lot less common than you might think – even where your retirement money is at stake. On one hand, consider people like police officers, doctors, and (it’s true!) sometimes… Read more »