Any fiduciaries in the house?

Last time, we shared some news about a new rule that will require more of the people who offer investment advice to be fiduciaries. That means they’re legally bound to act in your best interest, without commissions, kickbacks, or any kind of ethical and financial conflict. Which is great, until you ask “wait, you mean... Read more »

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Save it. Spend it. Give it away.

What can you do with money? The answers are less obvious than you might think. There are really only three things you can do. (And if you answered ‘burn it’, you may need to seek help elsewhere…) You can save it, of course. Almost everyone at least believes they should save money regularly, and most… Read more »

GuidedChoice: What is a Robo Advisor

What’s a “robo-advisor,” and why would I want one?

If you’ve been looking to make your retirement money do more, you’ve probably seen the term “robo-advisor” a lot lately. Thinking machines, frankly, are not the first thing we turn to when we want advice. Traditionally they seem more interested in winning arguments, locking the pod bay doors, destroying humanity, and that sort of thing…. Read more »

GuidedChoice: Can a robot plan your retirement?

Can a robot plan your retirement?

January 2015 – Sherrie Grabot That’s the million-dollar question posed by a recent CNBC article. Actually the number is much higher. With Americans’ retirement assets totaling around $24 trillion, there’s a lot on the table. But as author Tim Maurer points out, that’s no guarantee that we’ll get our money’s worth. Rather the opposite, since… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Why You'll Love

Why you’ll love us

At GuidedChoice we believe in your future. That means doing everything we can to help you enjoy financial security when you retire. It also means doing things a little differently – from how you’d do them yourself, and from how a lot of advisors would do them for you. First off, you’ll save a lot… Read more »