The 4-1-1 on 401(k) Blunders Understanding the in’s and out’s of your 401(k) can be downright confusing. Making decisions about how much to take out of your paycheck, what your investment mix should be, and choosing other savings strategies at the same time can be complex. Here’s some basic blunders to avoid: • Not Determining… Read more »

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Retirement Savings Identity Crisis: 401(k), IRA or Both? 401(k)s are gaining more popularity than avocado toast with young employees these days. According to the Investment Company Institute, 401(k) plans contained about $3.5 trillion in assets in 2012, more than doubling from $1.6 trillion back in 2002. Most working Americans look at their company’s 401(k) as… Read more »

GuidedChoice: How Much Should I Have Saved for Retirement at My Age?

How Much Should I Have Saved for Retirement at My Age?

In today’s culture, everyone is seeking a benchmark to gauge how they’re measuring up—financially, professionally, relationally, physically, and otherwise. Retirement planning is no exception. You can’t avoid articles telling you about the need to save for your future or about the retirement savings crisis in America—they are seemingly everywhere. But, one question that is too... Read more »
GuidedChoice: Harry Markowitz: Financial Wellness

Harry Markowitz: Financial Wellness

Financial Literacy is a buzzword in the workplace today. Financial literacy is a big part of this wellness trend. With the retirement crises and other related issues, there is a push to improve the financial literacy of Americans of all ages. Many 401(k) plan sponsors have joined this movement and view it as a good... Read more »
GuidedChoice: Any fiduciaries in the house?

Any fiduciaries in the house?

Last time, we shared some news about a new rule that will require more of the people who offer investment advice to be fiduciaries. That means they’re legally bound to act in your best interest, without commissions, kickbacks, or any kind of ethical and financial conflict. Which is great, until you ask “wait, you mean... Read more »