Six reasons to let us help you build a brighter future

Saving for retirement is something you do for the long term. The same is true when selecting a retirement advisor. To help you decide if GuidedChoice is right for you, here are six advantages that go to the heart of what we’re all about. They’re why over 1.5 million people have trusted us to assist them, and why we invite you do the same.

1. The right balance of risk and reward

Designed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz, our patented and proven methodology favors less risk over more reward, which is what a majority of retirement investors prefer. It’s a more conservative approach that increases the certainty of meeting your retirement goals for greater peace of mind. Learn more by taking our short interactive tour.

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2. Designed to protect you against undue market volatility

Through our focus on diversification and use of multiple risk guards, you’re better positioned to weather sudden market changes or periods of uncertainty. While we fully leverage Modern Portfolio Theory as a core piece of our methodology, our approach goes beyond by applying additional proprietary models to further constrain risk and protect you. Our interactive tour will give you more insight.

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3. A sole focus on your retirement goals

Everything we do is based on helping you understand what it takes to achieve your retirement goals, and how outcomes might change based on the decisions you make. If we see gaps, we’ll provide recommendations and a plan to help you close them. Should you allow us to professionally manage your account for you, you’ll also receive the benefit of digital intelligence that works  to monitor investments, and we’ll automatically rebalance your account to keep your savings on track.

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4. Insight to help you make smarter choices

From buying a home to paying for college, our easy-to-use digital solutions let you preview the impact of major financial decisions on your retirement plan. That way, you can test scenarios ahead of time, and take a more informed approach about how best to balance your long term savings goals with other major financial decisions.

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5. An independent partner you can trust

GuidedChoice has no parent company, no affiliations with an investment manager or venture capital firm, and never accepts payment for recommending an investment. We work in your best interests alone, so you can have confidence in our personalized advice and recommendations.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Lower Fees
  • No Minimum Investment
  • No Minimum Balance

6. Lower fees with greater transparency for all

Our mission is to help everyone receive the professional management and advice they need for the future they want. That’s why our fees are priced to be more affordable, easier to understand and come with no minimum investment or plan balance requirements. No matter how much you want to save for your retirement, we want to help.

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401(k) Advice and
  • Maximize the potential of your existing plan
  • Personalized advice with rebalancing as needed
  • Take all of your retirement assets into consideration
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Managed IRAs
  • Personalized advice and professional management
  • Automatic rebalancing to keep you on track
  • Rollover an existing IRA in minutes
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Income Planning
  • Turn your savings into regular income
  • Maximize the long term value of your assets
  • Avoid running out of money after you retire
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Charitable Giving
  • View unbiased ratings and reviews
  • Give with extra confidence
  • Nearly 10,000 national charities rated